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Olistica Life Sciences Group

We believe in producing high-quality products that are led by science and research and backed by accreditation. Olistica is steadfast in maintaining the ability to adapt in an ever changing marketplace by employing a pioneering approach and building versatile infrastructure. We believe that the future of bio life sciences is unlimited.

Managed Co-Op Farming

Our core mission is to create a modern, technology-oriented agricultural co-op that builds global networks of farms and farmers and establishes manufacturing partnerships with commodity processors and producers – together, we offer solutions to turn farming products into standardized commodities for sale to high-volume markets.

  •  Individual consultation evaluations.
  • Management and oversight to ensure the success of each partner farm.
  • Refined financial analysis based on years of experience.
  • Good Agricultural Practices Management.
  • Equipment and training programs.

Agricultural Goods

Our facilities are designed to maximize the potential uses of agricultural crops and their component parts, employing novel separation processes that yield commodity streams ready for manufacturing of finished goods or further refinement. Our capability to classify and separate multi-component agricultural feedstock provides distinct and refined products for many industries’ use, allowing the commoditization of all available derivatives.

Olistica Product Development

Joint Drug Product Development & Registration

We have engaged in characterization efforts to confirm all physical and chemical aspects of the final substances resulting from our processes. This process will ultimately lead to the creation and submission of a Drug Master File to present all information needed for the substance to be used in Drug Product Development.

Olistica group Botanical ManufacturingOlistica group Botanical Manufacturing

Botanical Ingredient Manufacturing

The extraction of targeted compounds from prepared botanical feedstocks is the core process for producing active botanical ingredients. Unique proprietary extraction and refinement facilities are designed to process a wide range of botanicals using several standard and unique extraction methods and refinement techniques. This state-of-the-art facility was designed with flexibility in mind so that nearly any form of starting material can be introduced, managed and transformed through our facility into the desired end products. Capacities exceed 20 metric tons daily.

R&D With New And Novel Botanicals For Medicinal Purposes

Olistica creates value by building a comprehensive IP portfolio that spans preclinical, clinical, chemistry & manufacturing research for high impact plant-based therapeutic candidates. By further investigating natural products from around the world, we work to benchmark the reintegration of natural medicines into conventional therapeutics.

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Olistica Group Clinical Research
Olistica group clinical research

Unique and Novel Products

Olistica is a top-tier designer, formulator and manufacturer of nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, and natural health products.

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