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Olistica’s Facilities

Our network of facilities can accommodate any client need ranging from R&D Labs, Pilot Manufacturing, to full commercialization. Our manufacturing facilities adhere to global pharmacopoeia standards, including internationally recognized current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs).

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Farmers are the heartbeat of our business. Companion AG, a subsidiary of Olistica, is made up of passionate cultivators working side-by-side with our partners to deliver the highest quality commodity products. We focus on medicinal plants, botanicals, and feedstock alternatives or sustainable materials feedstocks.


Olistica's R&D department Della Terra, a subsidiary of Olistica, is a pharmaceutical firm that is a leader in private-sector clinical research supporting the safety and efficacy of a range of therapeutic botanical products. By investigating natural products from around the world, Della Terra works to benchmark the reintegration of natural medicines into conventional therapeutics.

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Olistica's manufacturing subsidiary, Jordan Process, is a full-service producer and manufacturer of novel materials and botanical APIs specializing in cannabis as well as both classic and novel plant species with therapeutic applications. We offer a broad array of manufacturing solutions in numerous facilities to fit our client’s needs. Jordan Process works with global suppliers and agricultural partners to commoditize and enrich the derivatives of natural products.

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