October 10, 2021

Learn more about Jordan Process

Jordan Process is a full-service processor and manufacturer specializing in medicinal botanical products that provides clients with superior novel materials and botanical APIs.

Learn more about Jordan Process

Jordan Process delivers standardized commodities of natural origin on an industrial scale by working with a carefully selected network of global suppliers and agricultural partners. All offerings from Jordan Process are manufactured and processed at our state-of-the-art facilities across the globe, which are suited to meet a multitude of market needs.

At Jordan Process, all services minimize human contact and meet or exceed FDA requirements for API manufacturing – this provides the highest level of process control and traceability.

The Jordan Process flagship commercialization facility is unmatched in processing capability, offering custom engineered solutions from the ground up with full pharmaceutical compliance. Jordan Process' network of facilities can accommodate any client need ranging from R&D Labs, Pilot Manufacturing, to full commercialization. These facilities offer a broad range of services that handle various botanicals in the production of ingredients and purified botanical substances. The assets manufactured from our various facilities afford Jordan Process the opportunity to conduct rigorous research and development to determine the best methods for taking your product from the lab to pilot, and into full commercial production.

Jordan Process' facilities are designed to maximize the potential uses of agricultural crops and their component parts, employing novel separation processes that yield commodity streams ready for manufacturing of finished goods or further refinement. Jordan Process' capability to classify and separate multi-component agricultural feedstock provides distinct and refined products for many industries’ use, allowing the commoditization of all available derivatives. Capacities exceed 120 metric tons daily.

Jordan Process' proprietary extraction and refinement facilities are designed to process a wide range of botanicals using several unique extraction methods and refinement techniques. This state-of-the-art facility was designed with flexibility in mind so that nearly any form of starting material can be introduced, managed, and transformed through our facility into the desired end products. Capacities exceed 20+ metric tons daily.

Jordan Process' purification techniques allow us to produce the highest quality botanical APIs for Isolating alkaloids, cannabinoids, and other bioactive compounds. These proprietary methodologies and processes provide for commercially scalable solutions to optimize the efficiency and quality of the purification of botanical drug substances. Capacities exceed 2+ metric tons daily.

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