October 18, 2021

A closer look into Della Terra

Della Terra - a subsidiary of Olistica Life Sciences Group - is a pharmaceutical firm that is a leader in private-sector clinical research supporting the safety and efficacy of a range of therapeutic botanical products. By investigating natural products from around the world, Della Terra works to benchmark the reintegration of natural medicines into conventional therapeutics.

A closer look into Della Terra

Drug Substance Characterization:

Pre-Clinical Testing, Analytical Development & Validation, Chemistry Process & Controls:
Della Terra has engaged in characterization efforts to confirm all physical and chemical aspects of the final substances resulting from our processes. This process will ultimately lead to the creation and submission of a Drug Master File to present all information needed for the substance to be used in Drug Product Development.

Multi-Composition Studies:
Chemical Composition, Crystalline/Polymorph Analysis, andPharmacokinetic studies on a variety of forms of active botanical substances are also being studied in order to gain a complete understanding of the target compounds and their function outside and inside the human body.

Della Terra Standards

All Studies are done to:

  1. ICH (International committee of harmonization)
  2. GLP (GoodLab Practices)
  3. GCP (Good Clinical Practices)  

Ongoing Studies

Multiple ongoing pre-clinical, human clinical, Genetox Studies, Rodent/non-rodent tox studies and Stability Studies that evaluate the safety, tolerability, and Pharmacokinetics. This ensures our studies are performed to a standard acceptable to regulators. All based on natural product derivatives.

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